Decline in the global LCD panel sales, parts manufacturers pressure

Decline in the global LCD panel sales, parts manufacturers pressure

2019-08-13 15:51:46 小编 313

By European and American economic recession, global LCD TV and other end-strength of weak consumption and other factors, TFT-LCD LCD panel manufacturers losing money for several quarters, the panel component suppliers operating pressure is increasingly heavy. Recently, the market or even heard, Korean panel makers requires component suppliers cut the price two percent, and money is deducted directly from, groups 11/22 to panel component price movements (in addition to Radiant Light with Apple escort) has cast a shadow.However, the industry says, in fact, has long been a normal component prices, recently down no particular news.
       The light guide plate, although the plants are reluctant to price their products for details. However, it is understood, due to supply more and more light guide plate, the market increasingly competitive, with the main material PMMA prices fell this year, the average price for natural light guide plate causes downward pressure. The diffuser has been decline in value because many of the first half, second half of the price decline is relatively flat.

Backlight, the cold cathode fluorescent lamp CCFL is usually the first quarter of each year will be significantly lowered when the price of 1, after the price adjustment is more limited. Backlight module is also downward pressure on prices at any time, manufacturers have their own through the adjustment of product mix and cost structure to maintain gross margin performance.

Present the results observed, LED backlight may be the worst year since the price of the panel components. According to market research firm LEDinside survey, the third quarter of this year alone, LED backlight TV prices fall 12% on the monitor backlight drop of about 5%, laptop backlight drop of 7% -8%, decline in handset backlighting there are about 8%.

Zoudie affected by product prices continued to bend the main panel Taiwan component suppliers, in recent quarters, gross margin performance is mostly to show decline. For example, the backlight module manufacturers in the fourth quarter gross margin of Photoelectron more than 13 percent, but dropped to 12.8% in the third quarter, although Apple orders Radiant escort, but in the third quarter gross margin of 9.7%, also lower than the fourth quarter of last year. (10%). CCFL power plant earlier this year, EU 9% gross margin, the remaining 0.3% in the third quarter, third quarter gross loss CHENGCHUANG rate of 16%.

Polaroid factory Chi Mei material there in the first quarter gross margin of 10.8% in the third quarter to 9 percent. BenQ material gross margin of 8% from the beginning of the water level dropped to 2.6% in the third quarter remaining. Optical film / condenser studio Ying-hui in 2010 the average gross margin of about 14% in the first three quarters of the average gross profit margin fell to 8.7%. LGP plant Maolin in the first quarter gross margin of 28% in the third quarter to 22%. Temporal changes in Taiwan's gross profit margin this year, 37% more from the first quarter, third quarter, down 20% larger.