Weakness in the domestic market into a price war down three large flat

Weakness in the domestic market into a price war down three large flat

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Weakness in the domestic market into a price war down three large flat

Plan instead of the LED screen LCD screen at the same time, China's flat panel industry due to the global financial crisis, have self-worth, in order to maintain costs. Weakness in the face of market consumption, the domestic flat-panel manufacturers at the price war. After following the TCL,Hisense also reached the big screen price Corps, more than 30% price cut, home appliances price war in sight. Previously, TCL announced that its52-inch large-screen Full HD LCD TV price dropped to 9,999 yuan.

Interestingly, Hisense and TCL's price action, in terms of models and price are the same. Industry sources said the general in the New Year,Chinese New Year to launch flat-panel TV price war, in order to really come before the economic crisis, reduce inventory, improve cash flow rate, businesses can not stop the marketing war has been in anticipation.

Indeed, we can see from the sales of domestic sales of flat-panel now than in July and August, when a lot worse, resulting in the near future will join the camp of the domestic brands LCD prices everywhere, they strive to compete at an alarming decline in market share .

It is understood that, due to decreased consumer demand in Europe and America and other developed countries, plus all the face of economicuncertainty, the stock market decline and a strong pressure on TCL, Hisense and other domestic LCD TV manufacturers have recently announcedprice cuts this year's biggest action .