LCD TV prices dropped sharply Why?

LCD TV prices dropped sharply Why?

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LCD TV prices dropped sharply Why?

According to information from market research firm IHS data indicate that the current U.S. 42 in. 1080p LED HDTV sets retail for less than $ 400. A year ago, the price of TV's top 42 inches high

Reporters also learned that the so-called LED TV LED-backlit TV should be called, is an LCD TV, but the light source into a light-emitting diode, LCD panel is still the traditional LCD panel. Said liquid crystal panel is no stranger to us, tablet PCs, smart phones, digital cameras, etc., without the LCD panel. Talking about the upstream LCD panel, which is the LCD glass substrate, which is a little professional, and LCD glass substrates accounted for 20-30% of the cost of the LCD panel. The global market for products such as 4 by the U.S. multinational monopoly Corning. However, now made of liquid crystal glass substrate has begun volume production. The pattern of flat panel display industry began to change.

Recently, the BOE and the construction of two independent Huaxing power 8.5-generation LCD panel line all entered the production phase, to ease China's flat panel display industry has long been "lack of core small screen" of the situation.However, technical content and the highest profit margins are still not domestic LCD glass substrate production.

LCD glass Henan Engineering Research Center Director Wang Junming: The key of this material, not the self, the foreign company is, you can not produce his own to give you the price is high, you have to be to high, you leave not open it.

Now, Zhengzhou, Sunrise completed the fifth-generation optical liquid crystal display glass substrate production line to achieve eighty million square meters of production. Chengdu Optical 0.5 mm 4.5-generation LCD glass substrate production line has started volume production. But so far only made a few LCD glass substrate production line to mass production, according to reporter, an LCD panel production line annual production of 1.2 million, a panel requires two glass substrates. This year a panel production line at least 2.4 million glass substrates. By a glass substrate production line annual production of 550,000 terms, a panel production line requires five supporting glass substrate production line. China now has nearly 20 panel production line, supporting at least 100 glass substrate production line.

Yuk Group Chairman Li Zhaoting: So this effect we need to support the industry through the real, is the need to scale the size made thirty-four ten lines will have a real support.

In the industry view, bigger LCD glass substrate is very urgent, because in addition to the emerging LED backlit TV, new TV technologies such as OLED and other display technologies are also brewing, it is no backlight, with a thinner coating of organic materials and glass the substrate. Japan and South Korea in recent years on the display panel giants continue to increase on OLED R & D investment, but even without this new technology LCD glass substrate.