Good news :Neoser Capac...Neoser large Capacitive touch panel sale to India market in 2014-12

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About Us - NEOSER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD (深圳市风扬光电技术有限公司) is a professional LCD product development and sales of high-tech enterprises. From 98 the company began to get involved in the field of liquid crystal industry, 01 years began to get involved in the LCD industry up to now, accumulated a solid industry experience and good reputation of the industry. The use of our products mature technology and experience, the main face of the high-end customers in the LCD industry supporting products and product development and sales, high quality is our main route!
Featured Products
  • 10.4"CTP , DA104-L4777A-L0D

    10.4"CTP , DA104-L4...NEOSER make the Capacitive touch panel, from the size 5inch to 85inch, Pls connect with display@neo...
  • 12.1"CTP, 4:3 WGJ12004A-GDA-A1

    12.1"CTP, 4:3 WGJ12...NEOSER sales the Capacitive touch panelWGJ12004A-GDA-A1, from the size 5inch to 85inch, Pls connect...