Common CCFL-backlit LCD TVs below cost red

Common CCFL-backlit LCD TVs below cost red

2019-08-13 15:52:52 小编 214

The rapid adoption of LED TV is actually on the TV business is not good news? Yesterday, a major TV company's sales director, told reporters: "We laugh and cry, despite the heavy volume sales of LED can be, but it also means that CCFL backlit LCD TVs will accelerate the depreciation of the present, the average LCD TV gradually abandoned by consumers not only did not earn a penny, special machines or even lose money. "

     According to market research firm Displaybank recently released research report, in October this year, the global LED-backlit LCD TV shipments reached 10.1 million units, representing an increase of 98%. LED-backlit LCD TV CCFL-backlit LCD TV upgrade, because the light source is different than the same size LED LCD TV CCFL LCD TVs save 30% more light appearance. Strong publicity in the major manufacturers, the rapid adoption of LED TV in the first half of this year.

     Yesterday, a TCL (microblogging) head of sales, told reporters: "LED TV's popularity rate is indeed faster than expected." Appliance analyst saidLiu Buchen, "faster than expected" means ordinary many LCD TV stocking, inventory is still the main problems.

     Sales director, who declined to be named, told reporters, in fact, the TV companies do not profit as a normal LCD TV point, to sell the family to stay, is generally flat to sell, as long as costs can be balanced, but also loss of special machine some 32-inch, for example, generally a loss of $100-200. But even if the losses, companies also hope to dispose of the goods as soon as possible, because the more popular LED, CCFL LCDTVs higher the rate of decline in value.

     3D, smart TV for enterprises is now the largest profit margin products. It is understood that these two new products initially market the profit is 30%, over time, will be reduced to 20%, six months after the listing of gifts profit margin will be removed in 10%. TV companies now accelerated3D, intelligent television propaganda in the hope that the most profitable time in the heavy volume of sales.