Good news :Neoser Capac...Neoser large Capacitive touch panel sale to India market in 2014-12

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Neoser Technology Co., Ltd., (深圳市风扬光电技术有限公司) is a professional manufacturer specialized in Display product R&D as well as the sales & marketing works of Touch panel and its peripheral products, just like LCD moudle.
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  • 10.4"CTP , DA104-L4777A-L0D

    10.4"CTP , DA104-L4...NEOSER make the Capacitive touch panel, from the size 5inch to 85inch, Pls connect with display@neo...
  • 12.1"CTP, 4:3 WGJ12004A-GDA-A1

    12.1"CTP, 4:3 WGJ12...NEOSER sales the Capacitive touch panelWGJ12004A-GDA-A1, from the size 5inch to 85inch, Pls connect...