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  • Good news :Neoser Capacitive touch panel sale to India market

    Neoser large Capacitive touch panel sale to India market in 2014-12 [View Details]
  • Neoser make the capacitive touch panel

    Neoser star to make the Capacitive touch panel with Taiwan factory partner [View Details]
  • One of This Year's Every Three LCD TVs is an Outsourced Production

    One of this year's every three LCD TVs is expected to be produced through outsourced production. According to "LCD TV Outsourcing Production Industry Analysis and Forecast " report recently issued by a display market research specialist, Displaybank (CEO Sang-se Kwon, www.displaybank.com), the quantity of LCD TV outsourcing production accounted for 29% of the global LCD TV market with 59.5 million units. This year, one of every three LCD TVs is expected to be outsourced, which is 32.5%. [View Details]
  • Mitsui LCD TV market slump back COF market

    Mitsui (Mitsui Mining & Smelting) 22 issued press release announced that it will exit the LCD flip-chip package with film (COF; Chip On Film) market, mainly due to sluggish sales of flat-screen TVs recently, prices fell, with LCD TV manufacturers have to take in system of measures, it is judged that the cause of COF earnings would have difficulty in the back. Mitsui said it will stop production end of June 2012 COF. [View Details]
  • Weakness in the domestic market into a price war down three large flat

    Plan instead of the LED screen LCD screen at the same time, China's flat panel industry due to the global financial crisis, have self-worth, in order to maintain costs. Weakness in the face of market consumption, the domestic flat-panel manufacturers at the price war. After following the TCL, Hisense also reached the big screen price Corps, more than 30% price cut, home appliances price war in sight. Previously, TCL announced that its 52-inch large-screen Full HD LCD TV price dropped to 9,999 yuan. [View Details]
  • Fujikura return to work in Thailand in January next year

    According to the Global soft board (FPC) maker Fujikura announced the latest situation in Thailand locations shown in the Rojana Industrial Park, Ayutthaya province, the FPC plant, located in Pathum Thani province, Nava Nakorn Industrial Park, the FPC / Wire / cooling plant products, and at the Nava Nakorn connector factory now, though still in a suspended state, but part of the industrial park has been restored electricity / water supply, so the base is expected to be suspended in January 2012 to restart some production lines produce. [View Details]
  • Common CCFL-backlit LCD TVs below cost red

    The rapid adoption of LED TV is actually on the TV business is not good news? Yesterday, a major TV company's sales director, told reporters: "We laugh and cry, despite the heavy volume sales of LED can be, but it also means that CCFL backlit LCD TVs will accelerate the depreciation of the present, the average LCD TV gradually abandoned by consumers not only did not earn a penny, special machines or even lose money. " [View Details]
  • LCD Industry: Industry burning money

    Whether the Chinese government or Chinese companies, like to mention a "strategic industry", because of strategic industries are very important industry for the country, they are often able to get the support of national resources. [View Details]
  • Decline in the global LCD panel sales, parts manufacturers pressure

    By European and American economic recession, global LCD TV and other end-strength of weak consumption and other factors, TFT-LCD LCD panel manufacturers losing money for several quarters, the panel component suppliers operating pressure is increasingly heavy. Recently, the market or even heard, Korean panel makers requires component suppliers cut the price two percent, and money is deducted directly from, groups 11/22 to panel component price movements (in addition to Radiant Light with Apple escort) has cast a shadow.However, the industry says, in fact, has long been a normal component prices, recently down no particular news. [View Details]
  • LCD TV prices dropped sharply Why?

    According to information from market research firm IHS data indicate that the current U.S. 42 in. 1080p LED HDTV sets retail for less than $ 400. A year ago, the price of TV's top 42 inches high [View Details]
  • 2011 Likely to be First Time LCD TV Panel Shipments Decline

    Large-Area TFT LCD Shipments Flat in the Third Quarter; Revenues Fell by 2% 2011 Likely to be First Time LCD TV Panel Shipments Decline [View Details]
  • Tablet displays light up as LCD TV market set for first-time fall

    Tablet displays light up as LCD TV market set for first-time fall Display panel makers revenues are set for a reverse as the screen markets show no sign of a rebound, according to the latest market analysis from DisplaySearch. [View Details]