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Product Abstract:

NEOSER make the Capacitive touch panel WGJ270001A-GDA-A1 , from the size 2.8inch to 85inch, Pls connect with display@neoser.com

Product Description

    产品型号(Model No.):WGJ270001A-GDA-A1

  •     触摸点数(Touch point):10

    厚度(Thickness):2.4 mm

    外形尺寸(Outline Dimensional): 647.5mm*383.8mm

    可视区域(View Area): 597.6mm*336.2mm

    结构类型(Panel structure): G+G

    操作温度(Temperature range): -20℃~+70℃

    储存温度(Humidity range): -30℃~+80℃

    工作电压(Working voltage): DC5.0V

    线性精度(Linear equation): ≤2%

    透光率(Optical Characteristics) : ≥87%

    表面硬度(Surface Hardness):  ≥6H


    NEOSER sales the Capacitive touch panel WGJ270001A-GDA-A1, from the size 5inch to 85inch, Pls connect with display@neoser.com


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